Why do you need an animated explainer video for your business?

animated explainer video

Trying to promote your startup business can be a difficult job. There are many well-established products and services out there, so you really have to do your best to make people notice your new product/service. On top of that, modern people don’t have long attention spans. In other words, if you want to get their attention and keep it, you have to be quick. So, what can you do as a business owner? The short answer is – create an explainer video.

In case you didn’t know, explainer videos are short videos that help people understand what your products/services or your business in general is. They are fun videos that explain serious things. With a good explainer video, you can boost the conversion rate by up to 80%. If you are still not convinced whether you should use an explainer video for your business or not keep reading because we will highlight some of the reasons.

They are short

As we have already mentioned, modern people don’t have long attention spans. Explainer videos allow businesses to add the most important information about them in less than 3 minutes. In some cases, all it takes is 60 seconds to create an effective explainer video. With their help, you can stay focused only on the most important points.


Keep things simple

Another reason to use explainer videos is the fact that they can make any topic, no matter how complex it is, simpler. In case your business has something brand new and unique in its offer, a video like this will simplify this product/service to the main point and show what customers can expect from it. So, with the help of an explainer video, you will give the viewers a glimpse of the product’s function.


A possibility to go viral

Experts agree that those who want to enhance their SEO activities should use videos. After all, YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. On top of that, videos are shared more frequently compared to other content types. If you are able to create an interesting explainer video, you will get a chance to go viral. Internet users love to share interesting videos on blogs, social media platforms, YouTube, forums etc. A situation like this can affect your web traffic and ultimately your sales too.

Now that you have learned why creating an explainer video is good, it is the right time to learn how to create the best video explainer.