Explainer Videos – The Pros and Cons When Using Them for Business



When Using Them for Business


Explainer videos have been all over the place for some time now in pretty much every business you can think off. The fact is that a lot of businesses do use them and they also seem to really do the job, but as is the case with most things, they also have their pros and cons. So if you are still wondering if a video like this is the right move for your business, let’s take a look at some of those pros and cons, shall we?


Facts are, in our opinion, something that always helps and there is no doubt that facts are behind these types of videos. There are actual, psychological reasons that video is way more effective that any amount of written text. It has been proven that human brains react way more attentively to motion and sound and any type of emotional message that the video may have is only a bonus. If you think about it, would you rather watch a five minute video explaining a company’s goals or products or read three pages worth of text?


There are risks

This can be a con for some people, and not that big of a deal to others. This is simply because there aren’t many things out there that don’t come with some sort of risk and explainer videos are no different. If you don’t have the budget to hire a company or some other professional to create a video for you and instead go with the do-it-yourself route, then you may run the risk of publishing something that is of poor quality and a sub-par product that could potentially backfire and do more harm than good to your business, and this may especially end up being the case if you are a beginner or simply have no idea what to do and have never created a video before.


You can measure the results

One great thing about videos in general is that you can easily track a video’s results, which in turn helps you track your success. Any online video gives you access to metrics such as number of views, the number of lead that the video generates, the conversion rate, number of click-through for more information and so on. All of these numbers can be crucial and by following them carefully you will really be able to see what kind of impact your video has on your customers and if it’s doing the right job.

As we mentioned before in one of our points, what some people find as a con, others may find completely irrelevant and vice-versa. These are very personal things depending on what you are like as a person and other factor such as what you think your business needs and what you think your customers will respond to the most, so always take these pros and cons with a grain of salt when making your final decision about whether you need explainer videos or not.



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